Traditional Chinese Medicine is a holistic way to improve your health.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a coherent, unique and holistic way of looking at health & disease that developed over thousands of years in China.

The concept of health in Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on energetic balance between yīn & yáng. Restoring harmony of all systems, all functions & all relationships, internal & external.

The TCM diagnostic system is based on this energetic understanding, where diagnoses are described in terms of “Patterns of Disharmony” as distinct from organic pathologies. Patterns of disharmony, are energetic descriptions, of the unique ways in which a person is losing their ability to maintain dynamic homeostasis (harmony between yīn & yáng). It’s the correction of these imbalances that restores health & function & ultimately can either significantly ease or eliminate pain.

Acupuncture Geelong is dedicated to the ancient system of Traditional Chinese Medicine in treating your patterns of disharmony.

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