Acupuncture for migraines

Many migraine sufferers find acupuncture to be beneficial in treating the frequency and severity of migraines. At Acupuncture Geelong, we take a holistic approach to the treatment of migraines to help you find relief from this ongoing condition.

What are migraines?

Migraines are more than just a bad headache. A neurological condition, migraine headaches are characterised by frequent, debilitating headaches along with other symptoms such as nausea, dizziness and light sensitivity.

People who experience migraines can often feel them coming on hours or even days beforehand. During this early stage, they may feel tired, irritable or hyperactive. Some people also have food cravings or may start to see light spots in their vision.

Migraine headaches can be incredibly debilitating and often require those suffering to take time off work or miss out on social events. Without treatment, they can last days or even up to a week at a time.

Migraines can be caused by a number of triggers. These include hormonal changes (such as during menstruation), stress and anxiety, certain food and alcohol, medication, and even things in the surrounding area like strong smells, flickering lights, stuffy rooms and temperature changes.

Medication is available to treat migraines, but these often have unwanted side effects. For people who experience frequent migraines, alternatives to medication can be helpful.

Acupuncture and migraines

A number of studies have been carried out that show acupuncture can be used to treat migraine headaches. In fact, acupuncture is as effective as medication for migraine treatment while being safe and long-lasting.

A 2006 German trial (Molsberger, 2012) showed that participants who received a series of 11 acupuncture treatments over a six week period experienced the same benefits as participants who took daily medication over a six month period.

Other studies have also come to similar conclusions about the effectiveness of acupuncture when compared to medication. Acupuncture has been found to have fewer adverse side effects and can help reduce the severity and duration of migraine attacks. 

Acupuncture treatment for migraines in Geelong

Acupuncture has been used successfully to treat migraines and other types of tension headaches for thousands of years. Traditional acupuncture involves the small needles inserted into various points in the body in order to relieve pain and prevent the recurrence of symptoms.

The needles trigger the body’s natural healing response, helping to reduce the feeling of tension and pain and provide relief from headaches. Acupuncture itself is virtually painless. While you may feel the needles as they are inserted, most people report it feeling like a tiny prick or tingling sensation.

As well as acupuncture, treatment for migraines may involve Chinese massage and other treatments. In your first appointment, Dr Phillip Tring will carry out a complete assessment using traditional Chinese medicine diagnostic tools to develop a customised plan.

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Dr Phillip Tring is a qualified and AHPRA registered Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine Practitioner with 8 years of experience. He has experience treating a wide range of presenting conditions, particularly those associated with modern life such as back pain, sciatica, sports injuries, and stress.

Known for his friendly, warm and humorous approach to treatment, Dr Phillip combines his knowledge of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine with a passion for improving his clients’ general health, nutrition and wellbeing.

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